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Learn Tigrigna – Volume I – Fidelat

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The Tigrigna Alphabet (Fidelat Tigrigna) is prepared in three forms. When you buy the course you will have online access to learn the course from the website. You can also download and install the downloadable version of the course in your desktop. The course in USB package is coming soon.

LearnTigrigna currently offers the study of Fidelat (Alphabets of Tigrigna), the foundation of the language. It will soon include the study of the rest of the language in an interactive lessons and video dialogues. All the coming updates are included in the price.

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Product Description

The product ‘Fidelat’ is a complete multimedia rich course prepared as a software package to run as a desktop application in a windows based system and as a web application. You can access the course online, as well as install in your PC to study offline.

When you click the BUY NOW button, you will be redirected to the checkout page to make the purchase of the package. After completion of the checkout process, you will be able to access the complete course online from your membership account. You can also download the full version of the FIDELAT program in your computer.

You can download the program from your account created in the checkout page. You will also receive an email with a link of the download.

A license registration number is also provided, which you can find in your account or in your email Run the setup file to install the package in your computer. You will need your license number during the installation process. You will also need to connect to the Internet when you first run the program to activate the license.

File name: Fidelat.exe
Version 1.0.0
File size: 112MB


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