Fidelat Geez Complete

LearnTigrigna makes the study of Fidelat Geez fun and effective.


Tigrigna Alphabet Made Easy & Fun

The study of the whole Tigrigna Alphabet is no more discouraging.

Quizes built in Games

The quizzes are built in games. It has never been fun to learn Fidelat Tigrigna.


Fidelat Tigrigna Illustrated

LearnTigrigna uses effective animated & graphical illustrations to explain the Tigrigna alphabet.

Tigrigna Phonics made easy

Understanding the phonetic system of Fidelat Tigrigna is made easy and interactive.


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Tigrigna Learning Experience in your Desktop

The best way to learn Tigrigna Language is to first understand the alphabets of Tigrigna (Fidelat Tigrigna). Learning Fidelat Tigrigna using the program is fun and effective. Gamification is poured into every lesson to help you read-write-listen-speak Tigrigna effectively.

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