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Explore Fidelat Geez GAMES

The lessons and quizzes of Fidelat Geez are built in games. It has never been fun to learn Alphabets of Tigrigna.

Fidelat Geez ፊደላት ግእዝ

First Order Letters of the Tigrigna Alphabet

  • The best way to learn Tigrigna Language is to first understand the alphabets of Tigrigna (Fidelat Tigrigna).
  • The best way of knowing Fidelat Tigrigna is first studying FIDELAT GEEZ (The first-order letters of the Tigrigna Alphabet).
  • Learning Fidelat Tigrigna using the program is fun and effective. The study of Fidelat Geez is built in GAMES!

Wheel of Fidelat

Penalty Shootout

Basket Shootout

Pyramid of Fidelat

Fidelat Geez Lessons Built in Memory Game

Lesson One

Lesson Two

Lesson Three

Lesson Four

Fidelat Phonics Made Easy

Studying the complete Alphabets of Tigrigna is made easy and INTERACTIVE. The Tigrigna letters do not contain vowels; instead , strokes and circles connected to each letter indicate vowel sounds. The interactive lessons teach the vowel system of Tigrigna Alphabets in a fun but effective way.

Fidelat Complete ፊደላት ትግርኛ

ሀ ሁ ሂ ሃ ሄ ህ ሆ
ለ ሉ ሊ ላ ሌ ል ሎ
ሐ ሑ ሒሓ ሔ ሕሖ
መ ሙ ሚማ ሜምሞ
ረ ሩ ሪ ራ ሬ ር ሮ
ሰ ሱ ሲ ሳ ሴ ስ ሶ
ሸ ሹ ሺ ሻ ሼ ሽ ሾ
ቀ ቁ ቂ ቃ ቄ ቅ ቆ
ቐ ቑ ቕ ቓ ቔ ቕ ቖ
በ ቡ ቢ ባ ቤ ብ ቦ
ቨ ቩ ቪ ቫ ቬ ቭ ቮ
ተ ቱ ቲ ታ ቴ ት ቶ
ቸ ቹ ቺ ቻ ቼ ች ቾ
ነ ኑ ኒ ና ኔ ን ኖ
ኘ ኙ ኚ ኛ ኜ ኝ ኞ
አ ኡ ኢ ኣ ኤ እ ኦ

ከ ኩ ኪ ካ ኬ ክ ኮ
ኸ ኹ ኺ ኻ ኼ ኽ ኾ
ወ ዉ ዊ ዋ ዌ ው ዎ
ዐ ዑ ዒ ዓ ዔ ዕ ዖ
ዘ ዙ ዚ ዛ ዜ ዝ ዞ
ዠ ዡ ዢዣ ዤዥ ዦ
የ ዩ ዪ ያ ዬ ይ ዮ
ደ ዱ ዲ ዳ ዴ ድ ዶ
ጀ ጁ ጂ ጃ ጄ ጅ ጆ
ገ ጉ ጊ ጋ ጌ ግ ጎ
ጠ ጡ ጢጣ ጤጥ ጦ
ጰ ጱ ጲ ጳ ጴ ጵ ጶ
ጸ ጹ ጺ ጻ ጼ ጽ ጾ
ፈ ፉ ፊ ፋ ፌ ፍ ፎ
ፐ ፑ ፒ ፓ ፔ ፕ ፖ

Highly interactive Tigrigna phonetics lessons

Tigrigna Phonetic System

Tigrigna Phonics Lesson 1

Tigrigna Phonics Lesson 2

Tigrigna Phonics Lesson 3

Phonics Lesson 4

Tigrigna Words Intro

Phonics 1 Summary

Phonics 2 Summary

One language Course in Three Forms

LearnTigrigna is prepared in three forms. When you buy the course you will have online access to download and install the course in your desktop or learn the course online from the website. You can also order the course in USB package.





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